Create a Streaming Server with a Raspberry Pi in less than 30 minutes


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Use a Raspberry Pi to stream your media easily at home

Watch this tutorial to learn how to create your own Streaming Server with your Raspberry Pi in less than 30 minutes! You can use your own Raspberry Pi 3 or newer. If you don’t have one or need additional parts, you will find suggestions in the video description below.


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:54 What you need (Hardware)
  • 01:17 Streaming Client Examples
  • 01:47 Software Download & Installation
  • 02:45 Flashing SD Card
  • 05:00 Scan Raspberry Pi IP address
  • 06:20 SSH Connection to Raspberry Pi
  • 07:01 Raspberry Pi Initial Setup
  • 07:47 Installation Plex Media Server on Raspberry Pi
  • 09:11 Plex Media Server Initial Setup
  • 11:45 Mount External Storage Device
  • 12:47 Add Libraries in Plex Media Server
  • 14:24 Install Plex App on Android Device

Don’t have the hardware at home?

Check out these links (click on the text):

Alternatively you can buy each item separately:

Additionally, some hardware options for the streaming client:

DietPi Default Login

  • Default Username: root
  • Default Password: dietpi

Fixed IP Address

Access EXT4 File System in Windows

Plex Media Server & Plex Apps / Devices

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