How to use the Chat GPT AI Chatbot – including prompts


ChatGPT is an AI chatbot based on the GPT 3.5 architecture. It was developed by a company called OpenAI. The program uses a large amount of data from the Internet to understand customer queries and provide human-like responses.  

Chat GPT AI Chatbot

Thus, ChatGPT can perform interactions using a huge amount of data. Moreover, the system learns. It picks the data from various sources, such as:  

  • Blogs  
  • Forums  
  • Online-books  
  • Websites or  
  • Articles  

The GPT-3.5 model works with a special neural network architecture. Through it, the tool can process the above-mentioned large amounts of data. ChatGPT uses this to provide a suitable answer to almost any question. A technique called Transformer is used for this purpose. Through it, the tool is able to understand content and generate answers that could also come from a human.   

How can I communicate with ChatGPT?  

To communicate with the new and innovative program, users type a question or a request in the corresponding line in the chat window. Within a few moments, the system spits out the answer.    

What can I use it for?  

The tool can be used in many ways, for example as a personal assistant. It is also suitable as a voice control. It helps to increase efficiency in companies and increase productivity. ChatGPT an excellent example of how advanced artificial intelligence is.    

And we can now “talk” to a computer program. 

How students can use the Chat GPT AI Chatbot?  

There are many good ways how students can use the program. We present them in more detail in the following paragraphs: 

1. Better texts  

The tool can help students write homework or other significant texts better. It also teaches them how to ask the right question for certain difficulties.  

2. Thorough research  

Another essential reason to use ChatGPT is the quick and thorough research. Thus, students just type a question or a prompt in the chat window and get a lot of valuable information in just a few moments.   

3. Personalized support  

ChatGPT provides students with individualized and personalized support. In doing so, the tool addresses their individual needs and questions. On top of that, it also teaches them how to communicate better and efficiently with other students or professors.   

4. Better learning  

Through the program, students can find information on a wide range of subjects more quickly. Through various media (texts, videos or books) they understand certain topics better and improve their knowledge. This is generally beneficial and can be very important just before exams.   

All this shows how valuable ChatGPT can be for students. The basic version is completely free. Therefore, it can be used freely. The only requirement is a terminal device, such as a smartphone, a laptop, a PC or a tablet and as well a Internet access are required for this. Thus, the program can be used not only at home, but also outside.

What can I do with ChatGPT?  

The question should rather be: “What can I not enter in ChatGPT?” Because the tool answers almost any question, such as:  

How tall is the tallest building in the world?” or „When did it snow more than 50 cm in the USA?”   

Why should small businesses use Chat GPT AI Chatbot?

Small companies should definitely use the tool as well. Because there are numerous advantages for them as well, namely:

1. Higher efficiency

With ChatGPT, companies improve and increase their processes. Moreover, many of them are simply automated. As a result, fewer employees are needed. This means that businesses save money through lower payroll. 

2. Better Customer-Service

The tool helps businesses communicate with customers more easily and efficiently. The latter get help faster and are more satisfied. They no longer have to wait for minutes in the hotline queue, but instead chat with ChatGPT.

3. Optimized marketing and sales techniques

By using the tool, companies can optimize certain Marketing- and Sales-Techniques. This allows them to reach more customers and increase their reach. By answering questions in an automated manner, more sales are closed.

4. Individual interaction

The tool conducts an individual interaction with the customers. Thus, they lead themselves taken seriously. On top of that, their wishes and ideas are implemented, which helps to improve customer satisfaction.

5. Fast data analysis

Every company should regularly analyze all important data. With ChatGPT, this can also be done much faster. For example, businesses gain valuable insights into customer behavior and sales closures. These insights can help improve their own products and services and increase customer satisfaction.

Chat GPT AI Chatbot prompts

There are a variety of prompts that can be used with ChatGPT. It all depends on what result is being sought.

ChatGPT can encourage creative writing and can help formulate the opening of a story. In addition, students and pupils benefit from the program, which helps them with learning and research. It doesn’t matter if the subject is mathematics, english or biology, for example. The program also facilitates communication between two people through its prompts. This is a very important point in the customer service, for example.

Some examples of ChatGPT prompts:

1. Daily planner

When you have a lot of things to consider in your day-to-day work, it’s easy to forget things. With ChatGPT you have everything in view and a good overview. 

Prompt: I write down all the tasks I have to do in a working day and you create a schedule from it. 

2. Pitch product

To make a product interesting to customers, it needs to bring added value. For this you need a suitable description, which ChatGPT writes for you. 

Prompt: Write me a product description for my product in an upscale language. 

3. Find the right domain

It is not so easy to find the right domain for your website. On request ChatGPT will create a list of suggestions.

Prompt: I tell you what my product is called and you write me a list of possible names. 


ChatGPT is a gateway to a new world. Artificial intelligence can be used in a very versatile way. Among others, students and small businesses will benefit from it. The tool is completely free and available to them for free. All they have to do is type a question or a request in the chat window. Right after that, ChatGPT will provide them with the appropriate answer. 

ChatGPT is a powerful tool, that can help students and companies in a lot of situations. It’s free and can be used anywhere. If you want to optimize your business, you should definitely take a closer look at the program!

Short notice: The tool itself is free but if you need higher availability, better response rates or early access to new features you should look at the ChatGPT Plus subscription. Alternatively you can integrate ChatGPT with their API in your own products which is not for free.

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